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Can’t wait for the full trailer to be released Monday? Neither can we. Here’s a preview of what’s to come…

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…this might hurt

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20 days celebrity photo challenge
day 2 → a celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance: dylan o’brien

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derek hale and stiles stilinski  scorpio + aries
↳ the bond shared by an aries and a scorpio is very intriguing but at the same time tough to keep. they have a strong pull towards each other but harmony is difficult to be attained between these two. they are both passionate in their own ways and but their styles and expressions are different. there are some major differences in the behavior of aries and scorpio that lead to aggressive moments in their relations. aries defends intensely, in the front lines. scorpio attacks out of the blue and without warning. harmony and cooperation is the best way they can find each other comfortable and it begins with love and trust in any relationship. 

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